onsdag 17. januar 2018

Swan Song

This blog has been quiet for a long time now. My motivation for Warmachine & Hordes has been on a steady decline since last summer. The reasons for this are numerous and it's gotten to the point where I'll be taking a long break, potentially leaving the hobby entirely. I helped organize the Norwegian Masters and the ConQuest  convention last weekend. I played 3 games on Saturday, going 2-1 and dropping out. Prior to that I hadn't played since ClogCon in November. The only reason I participated at ConQuest was because I felt I had a responsibility to my club for doing so. I've been part of the group of people wanting to pull this off from the beginning and despite my lack of interest to play the game I wanted to make ConQuest a great event before signing off. To that end I felt we succeeded and I look forward to see what the guys can do to make ConQuest even better the next time around (oh yes, it will be arranged again!).

My main motivation for playing miniature games is to compete. The raw competition and the sheer thrill of tournaments have always been the most fun elements to me. Naturally the community is everything, because in order to do this and do it well, you need to spend a ton of time. I estimate that at my most active, I spent on average 25-30 hours per week including games, analysis, blogging and discussing. While others might be able to do that in solitude or even with people they don't necessarily like, I'm not like that. For me this would have been impossible without the community, both locally here in Oslo (shout-out to my club, 2d6!) and internationally at various events I've been to. The community has, for the most part for sure, been amazing. I have made memories for life (and hopefully friends) while playing Warmachine & Hordes.

Due to a number of reasons I no longer feel like putting in this many hours in Warmachine & Hordes. And for me, as odd as it may sound, if I don't do this the hobby simply isn't as fun. I don't want to casually play a game per week and let that be it. That wouldn't give me much: I would be frustrated by my mistakes, my lists' weaknesses and a ton of other things which inherently come with not spending a lot of time on this game. Thus it would be a negative experience.

In terms of reasons directly related to the game there are two points which stand out. Throughout 2017 I've gradually lost trust in Privateer Press to do the right thing in terms of balance. I get that they have a business to run and money to make, but the results of their efforts show a type of game I don't really like. What I'm looking for, and what I felt they were on track to do for a long time, was a stable and balanced game which introduced new elements by necessity to shake things up and keep it interesting, evolving. Instead what I believe is happening now is that rules are balanced to promote sales. From a Cygnar player's point of view 2017 is a good example: At first we all needed to buy our storm dudes and gals, then heavy metal came out and everyone and their mother bought Chargers, Hunters and Fireflies left, right and center. The Battle Engine buffs saw most competitive players pick up two Storm Striders before Grave Diggers hit us and we needed tons of Trenchers. It certainly feels like changes are being pushed constantly to promote rapid purchases. I never have time to actually build a collection and choose what to play, instead the rules dictate what I do in order to stay competitive. The rapid releases and changes also provide an excellent excuse whenever an imbalanced issue is presented: "Don't worry, we have something coming up soon which will shake the meta!". While all of this is going on we have stuff like Ghost Fleet being unnerfed for a year now, in fact even receiving a quite significant buff in the Wraith Engine changes. It looks like it's finally getting nerfed I guess, but it does make you wonder if this isn't simply to promote the next line of Cryx models. The Ghost Fleet problems were obvious many, many months ago. The European meta, to my understanding, was slow to catch on, but we still figured out that Ghost Fleet was way over the top as early as April, last year. I know some people love the rapid changes coming out from Privateer Press and I'm in no position to tell them how to make money. I just know that the direction they are taking now does not appeal to me and that is a significant contributing factor to me taking a break.

The second thing is WTC. This shouldn't come as a big surprise to anyone. I won't make a huge rant about it again. This tournament was my main goal for Warmachine & Hordes. I know that I'll never return, because quite frankly the mere thought of doing so even months after WTC2017 repulses me. It's sad, but it's the way it is. For me, not having such a big goal to work towards takes away a ton of my motivation and this is pretty much regardless of hobby (or work, for that matter).

The Warmachine & Hordes journey has been amazing and I'm left with a ton of good memories. Unfortunately it is not for me anymore, at least not for the time being. When people ask me I say I'm taking a break because I sincerely hope that my motivation for this game will return at some point. Honestly though it might not.

Thanks to everyone who's helped make this such a great hobby. Even though I feel like Warmachine & Hordes isn't for me right now, I hope you will keep enjoying it, I really do. Maybe I'll see you around!

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  1. where are you going now? another tabletop like infinity or malifaux?

  2. Jarle thank you so much for all your blogging. Your time and effort helped me in my Warmachine games as I have very limited time to play. I wish you all the best in whatever you do.

  3. Good luck with whatever endeavours you want to pursue. I am also a kind of "all-or-nothing" guy so it is very easy to understand your position.

    Just wanted to say thank you for all the effort to drive the development of Warmachine in general and Cygnar in particular during the early days of MK III. I started playing around that time and your material and help has been a huge factor for me to develop as a player.

    I will need you to come back in the future at least for a short while, otherwise I will never be able to take revenge for the schooling you gave me in the first round of the Iron Moot invitational. Until then...!

    All the best,

  4. I love your content and it saddens me to hear that you've taken a leave of absence. All the best in your future endeavors.
    SOOOOOOOO.... I went to my first Steamroller today. I had played 3 games before and a bunch of battle box games(I lost 8 in a row the 2 weeks leading up to this LOL).
    I took a list like your timestorm. I studied the everloving FUCK out of your links, your lists and your games. I ran Haley2 with Thorn, Stormwall, Squire, JR with Charger, Jakes with Centurian, Strangeways and a Stormstrider.
    So my 4th, 5th and 6th games were during the steamroller.
    And I got 2-1.
    I won by assasination my first game with 1 SECOND LEFT ON THE CLOCK.
    I ALMOST won my second game, but dice failed me(I also forgot a ton of stuff, like Imprint on Cent, Repo3" on solos, etc...)
    And I won the third game against Kruegar2. In Mirage. On scenario.

    I'm going to my first team tournment in October and I am going to FUCK SHIT UP.

    also I grew up in a tiny village in North Dakota that was all Norwegian expats, to the point where some of the old people there still spoke it where my dad had to get a Norwegian dictionary I'm not even joking.