onsdag 11. oktober 2017

Norway Hugin Captain's Story

:: Preface ::

Dear friends and readers of this blog. It is with great sadness that I write this post. Before I dive into this issue, I want to explain to you why I'm writing this. The day after I came home from WTC2017 I wrote an ill-advised blog post where I blamed the opposing team from our last game, France Falbala, accusing them of unsportsmanlike behaviour by going behind our backs following our departure from Blankenberge. Not long after I published this post I was contacted by Sylvain, captain of France Falbala, which assured me that the info I had (which was the source of the blog post) was incorrect. He told me, unequivocally, that Falbala did not go to the head judge. This led to me deleting said blog post and instead issue a public apology to France Falbala (which you can read here).

The deleted blog post was a complaint I filed to the WTC Committee where I requested the original score from the game between Norway Hugin and France Falbala (3-2 in favour of Hugin, for the record) be restored. Upon issuing the apology to Falbala I wrote another e-mail to the WTC Committee, where I (among other things) apologized for my language in my original complaint:
"I also would like to apologize and ask for your forgiveness for the harsh language in the previous email/blog post. I hope you can empathize with our situation as our last ~3 hours in Belgium were absolutely terrible. Words cannot describe how frustrated, angry and sad the atmosphere in the taxi on the way to Brussels was. It is not that we lost, 4-2 would have been a strong result for Hugin which we would have been proud of, it's that we feel robbed of a win we earned."

I also made sure to not engage in any public discussion or issue any further statements after I posted the apology to ensure that the committee could conduct its investigation as they saw fit. Contrary to what their published conclusion claims (which you can read here), the committee never interviewed Hugin. I have asked all players on my team and neither of them have been contacted. The same applies for me. I replied to the WTC Committee in private at first, requesting a swift reply. I was disappointed to say the least when I saw multiple committee members active on various social media and forums instead of answering me. They decided to make their findings public without interviewing our party (i.e. me or Hugin), asking any questions or allowing us any follow-up. As I see it, this forces me to present our case in public as well. I don't mind this because I believe in transparency with everything I do, but after the first, ill-advised blog post I tried to keep this in private because of what the committee wanted (as you can see in multiple comments). That no longer seems possible. I see a lot of people confused by the conclusion because, like me, they don't understand how it makes sense. They speculate that maybe it's something else, maybe Hugin lied, maybe we behaved poorly. Thus, I write this post to clarify what happened as much as I possibly can. To that end I encourage anyone reading this who notices anything factually incorrect to contact me so that I can look into it and update this post. 

:: Table of Contents ::

1. Background

The 6th round at this year's WTC was approximately half an hour behind schedule. We were also informed that due to beautiful weather all weekend there was a lot of traffic expected from Blankenberge to Brussels. This was a problem for us because Norway Hugin had a really tight schedule to catch our flight back home on Sunday evening. An extra half hour of traffic compared to Google's estimate and the event being an extra half hour behind schedule meant we were in real danger of having to forfeit our last match.

I explained our predicament to the organizers and they were very helpful in trying to find solutions. At first I was told that if I could find another team in our bracket (4-1) willing to play us then they would manually pair us up and we could start playing. I don't remember how many teams I asked but nobody wanted to face us. Understandable, given our double Cryx lineup and the reduced pause in-between games they'd get. For the record I appreciate the various teams I talked to taking their time to at least consider this and I have no hard feelings towards anyone for declining. In any case I had to give up and instead it was agreed that Norway Hugin would get to play on a set table for the last round. This allowed us to set up the scenario and terrain and bought us valuable minutes.

Eventually we drew France Falbala in the pairing. They were as forthcoming as they could have been and we got through the pairings quickly to start our games. I had an enjoyable game against my opponent and I did not perceive that he nor any of his teammates deliberately tried to play us for time (which they certainly could have and this would almost certainly have won them the match. Kudos to Falbala for doing all they could to get a good match going!). I lost my game but two of my team mates won their games, leading to a tentative 2:1 score in favour of Hugin. There were two remaining games: Hugin Skorne vs Falbala Convergence and Hugin Cryx vs Falbala Grymkin.

The Skorne vs Convergence game had a judge call (see 2. Rules Dispute for details) and ended in our favour. This gave us the 3 necessary games to take the match. Our taxi had arrived so I ordered our last player to forfeit his game and start packing models. I helped out our Skorne and Cryx players pack their things until it was no longer feasible to multi-task it. I handed in the sheets to either the floor judge or the organizer representative in our room (I honestly don't remember). At this point I notified the Norwegian community following our games that we had won our match vs Falbala as I carried my own bags into the waiting taxi. When the rest of my team finished packing we left the venue.

Once in the taxi spirits were high, obviously. After a little while we noticed that our win was registered on the official website for WTC. We thought all we had to do now was make our plane and we'd be good (we did, by the way, make the plane home). Unfortunately shortly after we were notified by observers back home that the registered result had been changed. Falbala was now listed as the winner.

2. Rules Dispute 

I have written an in-depth post about this game in particular. Although a lot of it is irrelevant to the discussion at hand I have done my best to provide as much detail as possible for the sake of transparency and clarity. You can read about this in full here: link.

Please note that when the ruling was made, the Hugin Skorne player specifically asked the judge if the resolution was correct and if the clock should be restarted. He received a clear and unequivocal answer to both questions: "Yes". To the best of my knowledge, this decision was accepted by both parties playing the game and the game went on. Following our win after this certain members of Falbala were clearly disappointed. The discussion was mainly in French so I couldn't follow it. I assumed it was the natural frustration which comes with losing. Hands were shook, models were removed, scoresheets were updated.

As noted above I helped our players pack. A few minutes went by (see Timeline below) and I asked the judge for re-assurance: "Is this it, did we win?" His reply was simply: "Yes". I asked again, "Are you sure?" because I wanted to be 100% sure that this issue was settled. Again the answer was "yes". With that knowledge I put the issue to rest. I can't remember if I handed the judge or the organizer representative at our room the sheets but I do distinctly remember handing them over. I was not contacted again by any party about this issue prior to our departure from the venue.

3. Timeline

This timeline shows as precisely as possible what happened and when during the rules dispute. Allow me to present the overview first before presenting in detail what the points mean:

18:14 (ca) Issue is being debated
18:15 Taxi Arrives
18:16 (ca) Issue is resolved, game ends shortly after
18:23 Win is announced by me to Norwegians on Slack
18:24 (ca) Sheets are handed in, confirmation of game state is provided by judge to Hugin
18:32 Taxi leaves
18:36 Head judge appears uninformed of the issue (link)
18:39 Results are being registered for Norway Hugin vs France Falbala (link)
18:42 Norway Hugin is officially announced as the winning team (link)
18:45 France Falbala is officially announced as the winning team (link)

The issue was being debated by multiple players from both teams. Once I realized what was happening (i.e. players were arguing, not just observing) I ordered the non-participating players to step away. I know that this was at roughly 18:14 because right after this happened I was notified that our taxi arrived, at which point I checked the time and it was right on time (we had ordered it for 18:15). The issue didn't take long to resolve and once it was resolved the game quickly ended.

Following this I filled out sheets and helped our players pack. Once we could no longer multi-task the packing I announced to the Norwegians following us on Slack that we had won our game. This is timestamped 18:23. Right after I made this announcement I asked the judge for a final confirmation before handing in the sheets, so this would be approximately at 18:24.

Norway Hugin had an internal deadline we had agreed upon to have the taxi moving by 18:30. This was the level of risk we were willing to take. Once everyone was inside and the taxi started moving I checked my clock to see if we were on schedule. We were ever so slightly behind, 18:32. It's worth noting that upon us leaving the venue, none of us had seen the head judge in the room where we played.

A picture was posted to the head judge's timeline on Facebook by Gil Surepi with the timestamp 18:36. On this picture Jason appears to be still uninformed of our issue (and not involved in any other dispute requiring his attention). I have asked Gil when this picture was taken. He confirmed to me that it was posted right after it was taken.

3 minutes later, at 18:39, the results from Hugin vs Falbala are being registered. As agreed for tie breaker purposes the Falbala Grymkin vs Hugin Cryx matchup is resolved as a scenario win for Falbala Grymkin. As concluded the Falbala Convergence vs Hugin Skorne matchup is resolved as an assassination win to Skorne. It's worth noting I suppose that the Falbala Cryx vs Hugin Cygnar matchup (i.e. my game) is reported wrong: This game was won by Falbala Cryx on scenario, not assassination.

From the moment the issue was resolved it took roughly 16 minutes until our taxi left the venue. During this time Norway Hugin was not informed that the issue had been escalated. To the best of our knowledge we had done everything one could reasonably have expected of us to resolve it before taking our leave. Based on the post on the head judge's Facebook timeline I would estimate that he was informed of the issue somewhere around 18:36 - 18:40. I wonder why we were not explicitly told to wait, told of the escalation or otherwise informed before we left the venue. I would like to remind you that I have received confirmation from Sylvain, captain of team Falbala, that they did not know of the escalation either.

4. WTC Committee Conclusion

You can read the WTC Committee Conclusion here: link. The WTC Committee started an investigation following my complaint. In the post linked above they claim to have interviewed all parties involved. As noted in the preface of this post this is incorrect. No members of Norway Hugin were interviewed. As I read it, their entire conclusion boils down to one simple thing:

"From the French Team, the Floor Judge and 3rd party observers we heard that the Norway Team captain said as he left “We can’t wait, our taxi is here”.This indicates they knew there was something to wait for, but left anyway. 
Based on this, the entire rest of the issue is irrelevant, the game was abandoned and the Head Judge call stands. The current standings remain correct."
This implies that I have been lying all along. That all of this work, the complaint and my facts are based on a lie. Norway Hugin tried its utmost to ensure that the game state was resolved before we left. As noted under 2. Rules Dispute, the floor judge was asked multiple questions to which we received unequivocal answers. As 3. Timeline shows, there was at least 14 minutes from the issue was settled until we left. During this time we could have been explicitly informed but we were not. Sylvain, captain of France Falbala, has confirmed to me that he did not know of the escalation either.

The only logical conclusion for the WTC Committee resolution is that I am lying and have been all along. That I knew of the escalation all along and have been playing dumb. There is of course no argument I can make against this. I am sad, hurt and angry because I am not believed. The sole evidence I have seen presented against me is someone hearing me say "We can't wait, our taxi is here", out of context. I would have happily stayed behind and missed my flight if it meant my team would have won this game. I guess it doesn't matter what I say, if you believe I lied about this to begin with then all of this could just as well be fabricated.

It boils down to my integrity. I cannot remember ever having had this questioned before. When I have been in the wrong, I have been quick to accept responsibility and forfeit whatever my mistake "provided". Sadly, that is not enough. There is nothing I can do about this.

5. Closing Words

Battle at Lund 2016 was my first international Warmachine & Hordes event. Prior to starting this game I played Warhammer competitively. While a lot of things are similar, one thing stood out: In games against a lot of Swedes, including finals against Jeppa Resmark, Olov Winroth and Fredrik Raben, in games against the German powerhouses Robin Maukisch and Ben Fuzi, and in games against the Great Dane Laurents Rønved I had the same experience: These were awesome people to play and awesome games to be had. I thoroughly enjoyed every single game at this convention. And do you know what? That was only the beginning. In every single event I've attended, I have had amazing games. I cannot recall a single Warmachine & Hordes event game where there was an issue post-match between me and my opponent.

Since Battle at Lund 2016 I have won quite a few big, international events. This has on many occasions led to friends and colleagues who don't play this game ask me if there's money in Warmachine & Hordes. Every single time I have received this question I have replied with a smile that "No, there is not. And do you know what? I'm really happy about that. I like the purity of the game. It's pure competition." And that's exactly why I've been enjoying all these events so much. It's pure competition.

Today, I no longer have that feeling. From a competition point of view there is no doubt in my mind that Hugin beat Falbala. While I understand that the analysis of the game situation is irrelevant for the conclusions of the WTC Committee's investigation, it means that we're not losing because we actually lost a played game. We are receiving this loss because of what I can, at best, call a technicality. The pure competition aspect is gone. I don't mind losing if it's deserved, but as I wrote previously in this post we feel robbed of a win we know we earned. I can only hope that those of you who know me will believe me and understand why I'm reacting so much to this.

Any game needs rules. Players won't always agree on everything. A neutral third party to interfere as needed is necessary. I can deal with the technicalities and implications of this. However, what we're  discussing here isn't even related to the game at all. It's at the level where my integrity as a person is being questioned. I have no idea how on Earth this happened exactly and probably never will. What I do know is that this is everything I don't like about competitive miniature gaming. It's gotten to the point where this issue is affecting my daily life. This is too much.

I will never attend the WTC again.

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  1. Can you just stfu instead of making an even bigger ass out of yourself?

    "I will never attend the WTC again."

    Good luck to you in your future endeavors, even though you don't deserve it.

    1. It's not like you need to read this blog, is it? Hiding behind an anonymous nickname doesn't exactly help your case, if there even is one here.

  2. Your ego + bad planning = fun for the whole internet.

    1. Please explain to me how this has to do with ego? I'd also appreciate it if you could provide your name in this debate so we'll be on equal footing.

  3. Sorry to say this Jarle, but the question of "how on Earth this happened" is for many a very simple one.

    Catastrophic Travel plans and a very toxic blog post.

    The former lead to the (what I can only think of as a) misunderstanding which made your team "loose" the round. That probably could have been avoided with a later flight.

    The later brings people to question your integrity.

    I read your blog quite frequently, but it's hard to believe you after your "rant"

    1. Blankenberge is essentially in the middle of nowhere in Belgium. Google estimated the travel time from the venue to Brussels airport at 1 hour, 30 minutes on the given date. With the event schedule to finish at no later 18:15 and our flight leaving at 20:50, we figured we would be fine if we just carried hand luggage. After all, this would give us a little over an hour at the airport. Considering that the next available flight was on Monday, which was unacceptable for some of us, we had to go for this. We knew it could potentially be risky, but I wouldn't call it catastrophic travel plans. Could you elaborate as to why you believe so? Had the WTC stuck to its schedule by enforcing a round clock we would have been fine, despite the unexpected traffic jams.

      As for the toxic blog post, I don't know if anyone even remotely understands how we felt during the first ~48 hours after the WTC. I'm not excusing myself, I have apologized for this multiple times and taken down said post. I'm merely trying to make you understand why it came up. I spoke with a fellow Hugin member today. He is still furious (evident IRL) and in his own words 'depressed' about all of this. He is seriously considering quitting Warmachine & Hordes altogether. We were given an incredibly unfair loss. Not really sure how people expected us to react nor why they can't forgive me (at least to an extent) the initial outburst.

    2. Hey, first of all thanks for the reply.

      I can understand your frustration and anger. I myself have to deal with my Anger issues from time to time. That said it was very unwise of you.
      And appolagizing doesn't change it.
      What you did is tarnish your own reputation and make you less believable.
      Imo the wise way would be just to let it rest and not push it further. You forced an issue into the public what only hurts all involved.

      For most bystander this issue is not resovable, because 2 involved parties said different things at this point. It may hurt the WTC and it already hurt your reputation by cementing yours as a "Drama Queen".

      I am sorry to say this directly, but your timeplan was horrible. I can understand that it may have been a forced issue with no other possible way for you, but that doesn't change it.
      Looking at the streaming shedule the match starts at 16:30, that means an end to the round at 18:30 is generous.
      As I understand it your team had the intention to try and win at the WTC. What was your plan then? Skip your own winning ceremony?
      And you have attended many large tournaments. how many of them run late? So with the match starting at 16:15, and a short time to go into the matches (witch I heard is something your team didn't do in the first rounds) and end between 18:30 and 18:45 is likely. Now your whole plan crumbles when the event runs half an hour late.

      Again I can understand that your hand in this matter may have been forced, that doesn't change the quality of the plan.

      I conclude with this:
      Right now we have 2 different storys of how everything unfolded. I have no way of telling which is true or on what middleground the truth lies.
      Atm I choose to believe the WTC. They have nothing to gain out of this, and comunicated in a calm and reserved manner while trying to protect the involved parties.
      While you started with a bad post, brought everything in a bad position and at least in my opinion blow the subject out of proportion. I can understand the frustration, especially as this was the last round. But its 1 loss, and you said you enjoyed all the other games.

      Talking that as a reason to not come again, or even quit WMH takes winning a bit to serious for my taste.

      Shit happens and this issue seems to be based entirely off of a miscomunication paired with your urgent departure.

    3. Hugin never had a realistic ambition to win WTC. For that to happen would have surprised everyone, including ourselves. We knew the travel plans were tight, last year one Norwegian team did a similar stunt in the Netherlands (WTC 2016) and that worked out fine.

      Why I won't go again is not because Hugin "only" went 4-2. 4-2 is a strong result for my team and a 10th place finish is something we would have been proud of. However we earned the 4th place finish yet that was taken from us for reasons I still do not even remotely understand. The treatment we have received has been absolutely terrible and this ruins the whole experience for me. It is something I don't want to go through again.

    4. I can only comment on hearsay, but from what I heard (from oppontents of yours threw the rounds) you where quite competetive at the event. Thats why I thought you had ambitions to win it.
      And just because a risky plan works once, doesn't mean it works everytime (see Assasinations ;) )

      I didn't mean to imply your result was bad by any standard.
      It just, that the standing doesn't matter that much, and you let a single misjudged match cloud the whole (as you said it) awesome experience because of pride.

      These things happen and I have been there. I loost matches in Team Turnaments because one of our players was misinformed on a ruling.

      I still can't grasp how you don't understand what was going on. You may have a different view on the matter, but it's pretty obvious why the WTC ruled the way they did. Even was it bad or wrong it's clear why and what their thought process was.

      Your last sentence is a bit outrageous for me. From all I can gather the "treatment" you recieved is not beeing talked to.
      While the treatment you gave the WTC was a hitpiece on a Blog that was promoted everywhere, before they even had time to react. I know which looks like the worese treatment for me...

    5. I am always competitive at events. I play hard and fair. That being said our team was not in a position to realistically win the event. We knew that and our ambitions were more modest.

      As far as treatment is concerned I still believe the WTC made a huge mistake here and should have owned up to that. I acknowledge that my initial response was wrong and have admitted that as well. Beyond that there's not a whole lot I can do. It's still a huge mistake which gravely impacted our entire team. Makes me not want to go again, let alone play the game at all for the time being.

  4. go in next year and prove them wrong. one bad experience trumps 100 good ones? the only think that matters is that you and your team think you won and did everything right.

    1. This experience was so bad, I don't have words in any language that I know to explain it. There are so many wrong things on so many levels that I have no interest whatsoever in returning.

  5. Fucking sucks that it had to end that way. I feel you buddy and hope to see you at an event in the near future.

    Stephan G

  6. Worst travel planning ever. If this Event was so important for you, you should have planned better. And getting pressure on other Players and even your own to drop a game to get to the plane isn't really good sportsmanship. I have 0 feels for you.

    1. See my comment above re: Travel plans. The event wasn't that important to begin with, truthfully we didn't expect to be fighting for a possible podium position.

      As for my own player dropping, this was a team decision prior to the game starting. If at any point we had 3 games down in our favour, the rest would immediately concede theirs to maximise our chances of making the flight back home.

    2. "The event wasn't that important to begin with" then why the rant and the this post too? Your hole attitude on this is unprofessional and still you Claim for yourself to be professoinal. You drag the hole Community into this mudslining but it is your Problem. Take your responsibility . " 3 games down in our favour, the rest would immediately concede theirs to maximise our chances of making the flight back home. " This is also a bad Sportsmanship and unfair against your opponents. They too spend Money on the travel, want to make games and max their gaming. Still no credit for your behavior.

    3. Hugin collectively agreed that our tight travel plans were within the margin of risk we were willing to accept. Obviously this meant that we didn't expect a podium finish. To be honest I'm not sure staying a night longer was feasible for all members of our team and there were no later flights home on Sunday.

  7. People blow. I'm sorry this happened to you Jarle.

  8. I´m sorry about all that has happened to your team, it was not a good response of the judge, and a worst response of the WTC. I don´t know if someone is lying but it seem so, If I was in your place I would never go back also.

    1. Thanks for your support :) I have so many questions and there are so many aspects of this whole thing I just don't understand.

  9. You should enter WTC again, show your integrity, stop bringing this up and get on with your life. I am sure you are better than this. I do not think you should drop out of something you clearly love because this time things have gone against you.
    Me personally believe that it should not have been escalated, that you won, and the committee decision is wrong although i understand why they have done this.
    Show maturity and the kind of person you really are and let this go now. Get back to loving the game.
    Good luck in the future buddy.

    1. Trust me, I do not love the WTC. Far from it right now. Merely hearing the abbreviation fills me with a mix of emotions I can't even describe, still. The more this issue has dragged out the less I want to go back. I don't expect anyone not in our position to understand this.

      I appreciate you trying to lift my spirits, I really do. I have a line though and the WTC has thoroughly crossed that line now. To be honest I'm seriously considering whether I'll continue playing Warmachine & Hordes at all following this event.

  10. Var stark
    Det ÄR er vinst.
    Oavsett vad det står på en hemsida.

    1. Hugin knows very well that we won this game. That still doesn't take away the fact that we, too care about the official results. This entire debacle has left us demoralized, demotivated, sad and angry.

  11. Hi Jarle,

    I just wanted to say that I believe you have all the right to tell your side of the story here and/or dedicated social media groups. Most (Anonymous) people who dismiss or think its drama don't seem to understand all the time, money and effort it takes to compete at that level of Warmachine.

    Hope you keep giving us great content and champion the swans!

    1. Thanks, Kaiser. I, too hope that I'll find the motivation to keep playing and posting content. No promises though, right now it could go either way.

  12. Please stop. You are embarrasing yourself, your team and your meta by (continuing to) handling this case poorly.

    1. Why should I not stand up for myself when gross accusations are being made?

  13. And by stopping I dont't mean playing. I mean "fake news!" twitter style pr campaign to make everyone side with you.

    1. It's ironic because "fake news!" is exactly the tactic being used against me. Just this morning I woke up to find the head judge explicitly calling me a liar yet not even telling us what he believes I'm lying about.

  14. I can understand your frustration, but the actual result would not have been much different, 4th instead of 10th. I don't think that anyone would think more or less of Team Hugin if the score was reversed.
    I don't think any less of the WTC commitee because of this and I'm not afraid of something similar happening, especially now that this probably has raised people's awareness.

    1. That is correct, the difference between 4th place and 10th place is relatively marginal.

      The problem I'm having here is the injustice Hugin has been exposed for. We deserved this win. We won the Skorne vs Convergence game. This determined the match. I honestly cannot describe how it feels to have gone through this debacle. I don't expect anyone not present in the taxi when this news hit us to ever understand it.

    2. Why not? I've had similar things happen to me and while it was frustrating, sometimes for a longer time, I moved on.

    3. Frustrating doesn't even being to cover this. It's not that I won't move on, it's that I simply choose to avoid situations like this in the future.

  15. Pity it happened to you. Hope you don't give up on the hobby altogether because of this.

    1. Thanks for your support :) No promises yet.

  16. Can't help but feel that your integrity is being questioned because:

    A) You very publicly called out the French Team without understanding the full facts.

    B) Your now taking a side swipe at the head judge because a picture has been put online of him closing his eyes (I take it your fully aware of his long and complex medical background, on top of the fact WTC is a cruel long weekend, which he starting travelling to at 5am on Friday morning)

    3) As hard as may try not to, you convey arrogance and superiority in your blog posts. Whilst I've never met you so cannot comment if this is your general demeanor, your internet persona exudes it and is IMHO potentially skewing opinion about you.

    At the end of the day, you had a solid WTC result, played hard and fair, and did your community proud. Everything after that though has devalued your achievements.

    1. Thanks for the honest and thorough reply, Adam :)

      A) The information I had at the time I thought was reliable. I had no reason to doubt it and the party which told me this still presents the same story. However, given the timeline posted above and a direct conversation with Sylvain, I don't believe this to be true. Hence the apology.

      B) I have no knowledge of Jason's medical background. The picture is in no way meant to convey anything but support my timeline and show that as of 18:36 he was not involved in an ongoing issue. My argument has from the start been that he got involved and overturned the results after we left and after the match was up on the website. I fully understand that he needed a break every now and then and I apologize if linking the picture comes off as anything but part of my timeline.

      3) Is this in general you mean or in this case in particular? For this case we have been wronged and the complete lack of evidence combined with the continued insults from various parties mean I come off as knowing I'm right, because I am.

      If you mean in general, then I don't really know where this comes from. I can't remember having been called out on this before (i.e. my internet persona exuding arrogance). If you would be so kind I'd really appreciate specific examples. I'm always looking to improve! The only thing I can think of off the top of my head is that I write as honestly as I can about the games I play and the analysis I perform. Since every game is literally riddled with mistakes I know this can come off as harsh. For what it's worth I am even harder on myself, it's just how I approach competitive miniature gaming in general.

      Our WTC result is solid given our background regardless of whether you consider us placing 4th or 10th, indeed. It's sad to hear that people think this debate has devalued our achievements.

  17. the change.org situation is what gave you a unreasonable internet persona I believe. That in combination with the post-WTC tirade did not win you any fans. I'm not saying this is right or wrong, but just how I think many may see it.

    1. Thanks for your input, I appreciate it :)

  18. Most seasoned players who have attended various large events have had at least one if not more cases where an incorrect (as in, later proven otherwise) judge call resulted in a loss. That leaves a bad taste, and some do vent and pout and claim that they will quit, but most move on and accept that human error is part of the game (whether it's player or judge). In the end, what brings us together is the company of good people and good times, and if there's people you enjoy playing with and drinking with, then focus on that and you'll have a good time regardless of these other bumps along the road.


    1. While true, the issue here is on another level. I've also had incorrect plays, bad judgement etc resulting in a wrongful win. This is different.