søndag 4. juni 2017

Battle Report #530: Darius vs Sloan

:: Prologue ::

I keep trying out various lists to see if someone can rival Sloan in the mirror. Now the time had come to Darius! A slight little tweak to the list and we were ready to get to it.

:: Lists ::

:: Cygnar ::
- Stormwall
- Hurricane
- Squire
- Charger
- Centurion
:: Opponent ::
- Stormwall
- 5x Hunter
- Squire
- Squire

:: Pre-Battle Thoughts & Deployment ::

I won the roll-off and elected to go first. The idea was to spread the colossals out and force Sloan to break up her forces, thus making a big alpha hard to get.

:: Game ::

Stuff runs up. Hurricane on the right flank with Fortify. Stormwall on the left with Arcane. Centurion up centrally with Sidekick.

The Centurion is unnecessarily exposed: Sloan can take pot-shots without risking retaliation from my colossals. It loses a few boxes.

I keep flanking. I've also established a bit of a position here with regards to scenario.

Sloan's Stormwall pushes up. The Centurion dies. That firepower is crazy!

I commit my forces and take the scenario lead.

The feat finally comes out and Hurricane dies.

I can charge Sloan's Stormwall and follow up with Jackhammer. Unfortunately for me it doesn't die...

...and in return Darius is too exposed with the Stormwall still alive. I get killed.

Sadly, a Loss for the Swans. 

:: Evaluation ::

In hindsight I think I need to push the Arcane Shielded colossal harder and try and force out a dicey alpha from Sloan. Splitting up didn't work that well, and doing so cost me dearly in the middle (Centurion died unnecessarily).

That being said I think my opponent electing to go centrally instead of flanking gave me way too much space. Despite me playing better I have the feeling that this is in Sloan's favour if both players know the matchup and play well.

An interesting attempt and a refreshing caster to bring to the tabletop again!

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