torsdag 11. mai 2017

Battle Report #517 & #518: Haley2 vs Sloan

:: Prologue ::

Part of testing out TimeStorm is finding out how viable it is in mirror. Sloan is one of the hardest to beat, at least outside of Storm Division lists. Time to get at it!

:: Lists ::

:: Cygnar ::
Theme: Heavy Metal
4 / 4 Free Cards 75 / 75 Army
Major Victoria Haley - WJ: +25
- Squire - PC: 0
- Firefly - PC: 8
- Thorn - PC: 13
- Hurricane - PC: 39 (Battlegroup Points Used: 25)
Storm Strider - PC: 18
Journeyman Warcaster - PC: 0
- Firefly - PC: 8
Lieutenant Allison Jakes - PC: 0
- Reliant - PC: 14
Captain Arlan Strangewayes - PC: 0
:: Opponent ::
Captain Kara Sloan - WJ: +28
- Squire - PC: 0
- Hunter - PC: 11
- Hunter - PC: 11
- Hunter - PC: 11
- Hunter - PC: 11
- Hunter - PC: 11
- Stormwall - PC: 39 (Battlegroup Points Used: 28)
- Lightning Pod
Captain Arlan Strangewayes - PC: 0
Journeyman Warcaster - PC: 0
- Charger - PC: 9
Alain Runewood

:: Pre-Battle Thoughts & Deployment ::

Same map and scenario. First game Sloan starts. My idea? Try and keep stuff alive, maybe feat very early to buy space.

:: Game 1 ::

Sloan runs stuff up, spreads out a bit.

I run stuff up and feat, catching 3 Hunters and the 'wall.

My Hurricane dies. I forfeit, there's no angle on Sloan. I really wonder what the odds are for this!

:: Game 2 ::

We restart, this time I start. My idea is to run towards Sloan as hard and as fast as can be done.

Fort Haley is built.

Sloan feats. Storm Strider dies. Thorn dies. Reliant takes a hard pounding.

I run everything in Sloan's direction and feat.

Sloan is unable to get very far away... I kill her.

Victory to the Swans!

:: Evaluation ::

Well, this feels bad. I think that Sloan is favourable into most/all variants of Haley2. With a colossal present you can simply just wait. A charge to the face from an enemy Cygnar colossal will never kill you. Feating early then isn't even a must, you can save it and let Haley2 alpha you often times. The feat is just brutal, so much damage.

Sloan's one issue here is survivability. In the last game this is indeed why she lost and I think putting her in the trench would have been more sensible. With practice I think it should be fairly easy to keep her alive. 

2 kommentarer:

  1. Without Thorn, couldn't he just have hidden her behind his own colossal? Seems more like a particular play issue, not a mach up issue.

    1. Possibly. It's hard to guarantee no angles though. He certainly could have done a better job hiding her away so it relates to the play as well, not just the matchup.