mandag 20. februar 2017

SmogCon: Masters D #3 (#429): Nemo3 vs Montador

:: Prologue ::

The third game of the day saw me paired up against Amund, a club mate playing Mercs. He had Montador, Thexus and Ossrum if memory serves so I dropped Nemo3. In return he played Montador, something I absolutely did not expect. Ossrum's super legit into Cygnar in my experience and the scenario was The Pit, definitely one of his better options. In any case my opponent wanted to rid himself off the list lock and later told me he had some secret tech ready for me...

:: Lists ::

Theme: Storm Division
(Nemo 3) Artificer General Nemo [+25], Bunker
- Storm Chaser Adept Caitlin Finch
- Squire [0]
- Firefly [8]
- Firefly [8]
- Firefly [8]
- Dynamo [18]
- Lancer [10]
Storm Lances (max) [20]
Storm Lances (min) [12]
Major Katherine Laddermore [8]
Journeyman Warcaster [0]
- Firefly [8]
[Theme] The Kingmaker's Army
(Montador 1) Captain Bartolo Montador [+26]
 - Galleon [39]
 - Nomad [11]
 - Nomad [11]
 - Nomad [11]
Orin Midwinter, Rogue Inquisitor [0]
Trencher Infantry (min) [10]
 - Trencher Infantry Officer & Sniper [5]
Rangers [9]
Raluk Moorclaw, the Ironmonger [4]

:: Pre-Battle Thoughts & Deployment ::

I win the roll-off and go first. The idea is to take as much space as possible and either launch a devastating alpha top of 2 or 3.

:: Game ::

Electrify on Dynamo, Shield on big Lances. I keep stuff out of Trencher CRA ranges.

Amund goes all in, running the Galleon up as far as possible. The Trenchers spread out with 4.1" in-between.

I feat and go for the Galleon. Dynamo rolls somewhat poorly. The follow-up gets gradually better but it actually comes down to my last attack to kill it off: An assaulting Lance takes it down. ARM22 is a thing when I don't get any melee attacks. I clear out some infantry dudes as well and Montador nearly dies from leaps.

Amund tells me he wanted to try and shoot Nemo to death with the Galleon. With Montador providing an upkeep which grants boosted ranged damage rolls he has a ton of shots to potentially connect with, even scatters can become dangerous. I didn't really consider that but I certainly will in the future! He now feats in return and takes out a couple of models with the Nomads going in.

I clear space on the left, spread out the Lances and conserve my forces as much as I can. One Firefly contests and Nemo runs. 1-1.

The Nomads wade in but MAT6 is unforgiving. In my ensuing turn I counter-attack hard and the game is essentially over.

Victory to the Swans!

:: Evaluation ::

Amund's bunnies don't have heavies but rather Forge Guard so I can see that not being the best idea into Nemo3 necessarily. Playing out Montador was an interesting gamble but ultimately one which I think is worse. That being said though I can see the point in trying to make something happen, indeed this is exactly what I had hoped to do the day before with my dropping Haley3 into Stryker1.

Going for the Galleon is the right play, but I should not have had Nemo on the hill whilst doing so. I could easily have blocked LoS to him. Sometimes sheer matchup inexperience doesn't make you consider the angles, but truly having him on the hill for everyone to see wasn't a smart idea regardless.

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