fredag 6. januar 2017

Battle Report #391: Nemo3 vs Vlad2

:: Prologue ::

Rematch time! What did we learn? Conquest has to respect Dynamo. Gotcha. Re-rack!

:: Lists ::

- Thorn
- Dynamo
- Firefly
- Firefly
Max Lances
Min Lances
- Conquest
2x Drakhun
2x Min Uhlans
Max Winter Guard Rifles
- 3x Rockets

:: Pre-Battle Thoughts & Deployment :: 

I went first again and made the same kind of skew. Khador went for the Conquest further counter-skewed this time around with Rifles more centrally. Interesting! I believe in Rifles being protected in general but I'm not sure it's doable this way because the Conquest could end up being zoned out and marginalized.

:: Game ::

My movements are largely the same as in the first game. Spells identical.

Conquest is respecting Dynamo this time around. Cavalry chill, Rifles as well. One Drakhun is placed to soak up leaps on the Conquest.

One of the reasons to take Thorn is that assassination angles are better. It turns out that Vlad is very exposed here.I can run Thorn, arc a spell through him, reaction drive within 4" of Vlad and then pew pew on Thorn. The best part? I can arc a lightning immunity spell on Thorn so he won't die.

It's all good until I reaction drive Thorn. Guess what? Drakhuns have counter-charge. The GMCA-flared DEF9 Thorn is now DEF13. Fuck me. Well, if I had crap dice last game then Nemo's magnificent chain lightning made up for it now. I targeted Thorn in the back, intending to boost on the Drakhun and Vlad. The damage rolls were both really big, the one on the Drakhun instantly dismounting him! Vlad took a handful of boxes -after- negating with his lats focus.

The dream was alive and I managed to kill the Drakhun with a couple of more electro bolts to Thorn's back. This put Thorn's DEF down to 9 again and the rest of my forces followed up with leaping Vlad to death!

Victory to the Swans!

:: Evaluation ::

Drakhuns having counter-charge is a big gotcha. I looked for other openings but seeing as Nemo had activated and moved when Thorn reaction drove in I was 100% committed and had no other angles.

Anyway, disregarding that for a moment: I went for the assassination because I wanted to stress-test the list and see how it was in practice. The move was indeed impossible because there was no place for Thorn without being counter-charged -or- the Conquest being closer. The alternative play is to sacrifice Thorn, run him up on the hill and double-zap rockets and rifles with Chain Lightning and Lucky Charm from Reinholdt. Depending on how that works out feat might not be used as the Conquest will be isolated. On the other hand feating here is interesting as the Drakhun on the right will likely die and the Conquest will likely take a -lot- of damage.

An interesting matchup and Nemo surprises me to be honest. I thought this would be a lot harder for him. True, I win on dumb luck in the end and should've lost, but that's a rather big mistake on my part's fault, not the nature of the matchup.

While Khador is a strong opponent and a solid faction, at the end of the day I want Nemo to perform vs Circle. I don't see this list being the best setup against that. Dynamo is predictable and short in terms of threat projection and unreliable when he needs to get work done. True, he truly shines against colossals but I feel that's not what I need. I'll continue dojoing lists on my own but chances are I'll end up back with the Stormwall.

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