fredag 6. januar 2017

Battle Report #390: Nemo3 vs Vlad2

:: Prologue ::

More Nemo3 action! This time I was facing Vlad2. A very tricky opponent for lots of Cygnar lists, a very potent combination of durability and hitting power. I love it!

:: Lists ::

- Thorn
- Dynamo
- Firefly
- Firefly
Max Lances
Min Lances
- Conquest
2x Drakhun
2x Min Uhlans
Max Winter Guard Rifles
- 3x Rockets

:: Pre-Battle Thoughts & Deployment ::

For this game I tried the list without a Stormwall. I have to get some practice with the alternatives with this guy. If I could choose I'd probably take the Stormwall in this matchup because he's a solid counter to the Rifles, tanking their shots fairly well and limiting them with Covering Fire. In any case, let's get to the game.

We were playing Outlast and I went first. The idea was to try and have something happen top of 2 to start taking his models out before his feat-threat and shooting would force me out of the zones. I skew to the right to try and force him to skew left, but he replies with a bit of a counter-skew. Interesting!

:: Game ::

I put up Magnetic Field. Big Lances get +3 ARM, Dynamo gets +2. I keep outside of shooting threat ranges.

Conquest decides it's balls to the wall time and runs up. The rest chill out, with the exception of a Drakhun which places itself to be the closest target to said Conquest.

Dynamo's within range of the Conquest. I cannot -not- take this opportunity so it's feat-and-go time. My rolls are fairly crap, despite getting a Firefly on both the Conquest, Drakhun and an Uhlan the Conquest + Drakhun barely go down with the Uhlan not even scratched. Oh well. Position's still good.

Given how my forces are placed and Khador activation order issues my opponent decides to hold his feat, hoping he'll have enough left bottom of 3 to make a big feat comeback then. I lose a handful of Lances but all jacks are left fully intact.

I clear out a ton of models.

The game is effectively over as I've taken care to make it impossible for him to kill Nemo and there's no other angle back into the game.

Victory to the Swans!

:: Evaluation ::

I must admit that this game was easier than I had feared. The threat ranges Nemo project are greater than one might think and Khador had to play very cautiously to avoid being ripped apart. Furthermore I'm not sure his feat is that big of a deal for jamming, compared to Sloan where it's game breaking I think Nemo3 can simply weather it and go for something else or just feat and deal with it.

Obviously what broke the game was the Conquest not respecting Dynamo. Because of this we decided to go for another game as well, a rematch!

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