torsdag 22. desember 2016

Battle Report #382: Stryker3 vs Kaelyssa

:: Prologue ::

Game 3 today, Stryker3 vs Kaelyssa. Troop-spam vs troop-spam. Almost makes me nostalgic as it feels like Mk. 2!

:: Lists ::

- Gallant (proxied by Stormclad)
- Ironclad
Maxwell Finn
Alain Runewood
Max Trenchers
Max Trenchers
Max Lances
Min Lances
- 2x Banshee
- Discordia
2x Arcanist
Max Sentinels
- UA
Max Sentinels
- UA

:: Pre-Battle Thoughts & Deployment ::

We are playing Extraction and I'm moving first. The idea is to overload a flank, just completely wipe it out and go from there.

:: Game ::

Stuff runs up as far as it can get.

Kaelyssa feats and runs everything up.

I have a decision to make: Full speed ahead and jam or pull back and wait for a better opportunity? I think both plays might have merit. When in doubt, push!

My opponent does not miss a single attack this entire turn. Granted it's 6s and 7s but still. Stuff dies.

I feat and counter-attack but it's not enough. Game is effectively over.

My opponent hits back and when he's done there are no win conditions left for me and I concede.

Sadly, a Loss for the Swans. 

:: Evaluation ::

Well it turns out jamming isn't the best option. Pulling back would be better and might even have been enough to put me ahead in the game to be honest. I think the list is still interesting despite being 0-2 now. Stress-testing it with some crazy plays helps me learn its limits.

Losing Gallant was a bad mistake. No reason to put him in Sentinel charge range. With him alive I might've been able to get more work done despite the jam disaster. Live and learn!

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