fredag 16. desember 2016

Battle Report #369: Sloan vs Lucant

:: Prologue ::

I got in a couple of games vs Lucant the other day. I was interested in testing out my new Sloan list and he makes a very capable opponent. He is significantly toned down since Mk. 2 but his anti-shooting abilities are still powerful. Let's get to it!

:: Lists ::

- 5x Hunter
- Reinholdt
Max. Trenchers
(Lucant 1) Father Lucant, Divinity Architect [+28]
 - Conservator [12]
 - Conservator [12]
 - Conservator [12]
 - Conservator [12]
 - Corollary [6]
 - Inverter [15]
Clockwork Angels [5]
Clockwork Angels [5]
Clockwork Angels [5]
Transfinite Emergence Projector [19]
 - Permutation Servitors

:: Pre-Battle Thoughts & Deployment ::

We are playing Entrenched and I'm going first. I deploy fairly centrally with Alexia skewed a bit towards the left. Lucant makes a highly aggressive play towards my zone so my AD is skewed towards that flank.

:: Game ::

I move up too aggressively. I'm outside of jam range but the Clockworks are capable of getting into spots which will make it hard for me to deal with them next turn. Alexia moves slowly so she can make a Thrall. Trenchers set up to fuck up the Convergence bottom of 2 scenario push.

Lucant rushes up but does not feat. The TEP moves slowly so it can generate its shield guards. Angels are passive.

I feat and do a ton of damage. Shield Guards galore enable Lucant to spread the damage out quite well and only a single Conservator dies. The rest are wounded quite a bit but it's evenly spread out.

Trenchers, Rangers, Thralls etc do their best to jam up.

Lucant moves in and feats. He clears a lot of infantry models but he doesn't get any points. Since he needs to get work done he can't deal with the objective.

I contemplate going for a sneaky scenario play of my own. However the objective is within Lucant's feat range and since it's Bunker that's just not gonna happen. Instead I try and get work done under Lucant's feat. I do kill one of the most harmed Conservators but the ensuing position is a complete mess.

At this point in time we've both made so many strategical mistakes that neither of us have the motivation to finish the game. Instead we simply decide to re-rack.

No Contest!

:: Evaluation ::

My deployment should have seen Alexia go a little further to my right instead of to my left. Regardless of what happens she should not enter play before Lucant's feat is over. I had to this game but that was a result of a number of critical errors and weird plays on both of our parts. As such, having Alexia go right instead of left allows me to get more Thralls, bide my time and ensure that I can punish aggressive moves.

The T1 move is too hard. Hunters should just chill. Lucant -has- to advance and I have ridiculous threat ranges. It's trivial for Lucant to protect against assassination as well even without feating so I don't need aiming bonuses.

Under Lucant's feat it's stupid to try and get work done. The best thing I can do is go for Angels, which I should have done here a well.

Lots of learning points and Alexia1 is really promising!

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