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Battle Report #355 & 356: Sloan vs Lylyth3

:: Prologue ::

Lylyth3 is always one of the casters which give Cygnar players headaches. I'm not sure Sloan can play into her. We'll see, I guess. Since last game I ditched a Grenadier for Rangers.

:: Lists ::

- 5x Hunter
- Grenadier
- Reinholdt
Max. Trenchers
- Typhon
- Carnivean
- Bolter
- Naga
Strider Deathstalker
2-3 Shepherds
Strider Rangers

:: Pre-Battle Thoughts & Deployment ::

We are playing Extraction and Legion goes first. I try and spread out as much as possible.

:: Game ::

I lose no less than 4(!) Rangers. A little too much, Slipstream on a Deathstalker is painful. Lylyth camps 0. She stays outside of Sloan's threat range.

I figure I may as well take pot shots on Lylyth with a Hunter and feat to clear out as much as I can. my dice from the last games sure turned around, the Hunter two-shots Lylyth to death. Lol. Reset.

For the second game we decide to switch it up. Simply deploying and moving 1 turn each can teach you a -lot- about a matchup. We wanted to see how me going first affects the dynamics of the matchup.

I move up and start shooting out Striders.

The Hunter on the right flank is killed. Poor play by me to be honest. I lose a few Trenchers as well to Striders. Fort Lylyth is placed ridiculously far back.

I take out the rest of the Striders and spread out. Carnivean's 22" threat range is just ridiculous.

Lylyth needs to push hard and get a lot of work done. She has no way to contest the left flag so the attrition play needs to be hard. The Carnivean starts off with a lucky shot hitting and crippling the Grenadier's gun. That sure helps! A ton of infantry is killed as well along another Hunter.

I go for the assassination. Lylyth is camping 2 and I get 5 shots. The problem with Fury is that you can just wait for flukes and typically they do happen. They did here and Lylyth survives on 6-7 boxes.

Fort Sloan isn't much to write home about but in a way it's a trap: If Lylyth simply camps 3 and lets her forces get some work done I theoretically can't kill him and I'm not scoring enough points to win on scenario either.

Lylyth goes for the kill. It ends up being unnecessarily risky but the Seraph hits a 15+ which nets Lylyth the win. Deservedly so I'd say following my MVP Hunter from the first game.

Sadly, a loss for the Swans. 

:: Evaluation ::

Hard matchup is hard. I think Lylyth needs to do 1 thing in this game: Cast Excessive Healing, camp 4, move up, let the sheer positioning of the beasts do the job.

I need more volume and more magical attacks to have a chance here. Some interesting list ideas in mind. We'll see where this Sloan experiment ends up.

A great couple of games today and I enjoy playing something a little more straight-forward than Haley for a change. I'm hoping for lots of Stryker3 and Sloan action in the time to come!

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