mandag 28. november 2016

Battle Report #352: Haley3 vs Vayl2

:: Prologue ::

Another WTC preparation game! My opponent was fielding an anti-Cygnar Legion list. Let's see if Haley3 can deal with this!

:: Lists ::

(Haley3) Major Prime Victoria Haley - WJ: +25
- Haley Past
- Haley Future
- Grenadier - PC: 9 (Battlegroup Points Used: 9)
- Grenadier - PC: 9 (Battlegroup Points Used: 9)
- Thorn - PC: 13 (Battlegroup Points Used: 7)
- Ironclad - PC: 12
Journeyman Warcaster - PC: 4
- Charger - PC: 9
Ragman - PC: 4
Rhupert Carvolo, Piper of Ord - PC: 4
Storm Lances - Leader & 4 Grunts: 20
Trencher Infantry - Leader & 9 Grunts: 16
Vayl 2
- Naga Nightlurker
- Bolt thrower
- Seraph
- Ravagore
- Raek
- Ravagore
Shepherd x3
Gobber chef
Deathstalker x2
Hellmouth x2

:: Pre-Battle Thoughts & Deployment ::

Recon again and a good map for me, coven in the middle, solid protection for Prime on both flanks, hill and trench available. Awesome! I get first turn and my opponent wants to at least have angles for Prime so I get a hill and a trench to play around with. I skew on that flank and so does his Hellmouths.

:: Game ::

I establish the list, business as usual basically. The idea is to use the hill for what it's worth, place everything to punish the aggressive Hellmouths next turn and pew pew.

Hellmouths run in to remove dig in. Ravagores then blast the tentacles and boost damage on my guys. Interesting! Vayl spells some as well and then the second Hellmouth runs its tentacles to jam. Lol.

Ok, first things first: Those Hellmouths -have- to die- Ironclad is not important yet so it goes on anti-jam duty, which lets the Grenadiers and Charger take out Hellmouths. Past and Future spread out. Let the game begin!

A crucial turn sees Legion forget a Wraithbane and fluff a couple of important rolls. Ouch!

I contemplate feating but I don't have to. I can kill the Raek, Bolter, Deathstalkers and objective without so I end up doing just this and moving to 2-0 while establishing solid board control and pressure on both Vayl and scenario.

Vayl tries one last turn to get work done, but it fails.

This game is so over now that my opponent just forfeits. I can force hammer one Ravagore onto the other, 2 Lances and Ironclad are all in charge ranges and a Grenadier is alive. Did I mention I have feat intact?

Victory to the Swans!

:: Evaluation ::

Naga and double Ravagores is pretty solid anti-Cygnar tech... On paper. The lack of Typhon really reduces Vayl's ability to produce a very durable and powerful threat which I have to deal with ASAP. Ravagores are too expensive in Mk. 3 I believe and they lack the woah damage output on a single turn which the Typhon can produce.

In this game my opponent tried for a very aggressive play early on which failed. In part due to dice, in part due to me getting so much DEF-bonus granting terrain, in part due to Hellmouths being very aggressively deployment-wise. In any case Haley3 had the tools and I was able to capitalize on the openings I got and bring home a win! 

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