tirsdag 13. september 2016

New Tokens!

My sponsor, Frozen Forge, has just finished their Mk. 3 sets. The Mk. 2 set I had was amazing but the Mk. 3 sets are even better. Head on over to their website to check out their new sets here: link

If you already know Frozen Forge and have their tokens for Mk. 2 you can simply by an upgrade pack for your faction(s). Check out this link.

Why do I prefer the Frozen Forge tokens? They look amazing but do not sacrifice clarity for design, something I think a lot of tokens get way, way wrong. They also look and feel high-quality and throughout the literally hundreds of games I've used them they still look rather fresh. When you buy a set you get hundreds of tokens as each faction set is carefully put together to ensure that you have everything you need to play with just about any conceivable list. They also have a couple of clever design features which enable you to quickly tell if a spell is an upkeep spell for example. Neat little tricks that help the game flow a lot easier. As a Haley3 player which frequently has literally dozens of tokens in play, this is critical to not impede your planning and execution. One of the big improvements with the Mk. 3 sets is that the print is now on both sides of the tokens.

Should you wish to do so, you can order your faction set(s) with custom colours. Without my knowing Frozen Forge made my Mk. 3 faction set to match my army colour scheme and I must say it looks amazing on the tabletop. A really nice surprise! Check out these pictures:

If you have any questions about these tokens or interest in buying them feel free to contact me and I'll help you out as best as I can. Although these are produced by my sponsor I would have gotten them and played with them regardless.

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