onsdag 14. september 2016

Battle Report #294: Haley2 vs Father Lucant

:: Prologue ::

Last game of the day vs Father Lucant. In our previous encounter I feel I made too many mistakes for the matchup to be properly evaluated. As such I wanted to go again.

:: Lists ::

Major Victoria Haley - WJ: +25
- Squire - PC: 5
- Stormwall - PC: 39 (Battlegroup Points Used: 25)
- Lightning Pod
- Thorn - PC: 13
- Ironclad - PC: 12
Journeyman Warcaster - PC: 4
- Firefly - PC: 8
Lanyssa Ryssyl, Nyss Sorceress - PC: 3
Ragman - PC: 4
Storm Lances - Leader & 2 Grunts: 12
Father Lucant, The Divinity Architect - WJ: +28
- Inverter - PC: 15
- Prime Axiom - PC: 38 (Battlegroup Points Used: 28)
- Corollary - PC: 6
Transfinite Emergence Projector - PC: 19
- Permutation Servitors
Transfinite Emergence Projector - PC: 19
- Permutation Servitors
Algorithmic Dispersion Optifex - PC: 2
Optifex Directive - Leader & 2 Grunts: 4

:: Pre-Battle Thoughts & Deployment ::

Recon again and this time I went second. The idea was to look for openings on 2+ pieces on feat turn while avoiding the Prime Axiom.

:: Game ::

The split allowed me to send the Stormwall to the left and thus pressure him without fearing the Prime Axiom. However there was little he could do against it so it was all full speed ahead for Convergence. Watcher went up.

I want to start dealing damage to these things asap. I put a Time Bomb on the left TEP and reaction drive Thorn behind the woods so that he can't see him. I put up Deflection, hide Ironclad behind clouds, ensure nothing can be shot apart from Ragman who's kind of a bait and that's that.

Convergence move all in and feat. TEP tries for Ragman but misses one and the second goes on the Storm Lance who dies. Lucant puts a Dissolution bolt through his arc node onto Thorn.

The opening is to send the Stormwall into the Inverter and the Lances + Clad into the right TEP under Ragman + Lanyssa support. It works out well! Haley feats and TKs the left TEP around (she was within 14" so Thorn not being able to channel was not a biggie). The Inverter loses both weapon systems and its wannabe-cortex. I run the Firefly in front of the Ironclad to prevent drag of doom on my second most important beatstick.

Convergence don't manage to do a lot under my feat.

Lanyssa + Ragman help out again and the Axiom goes down. Arcane is put up on Haley.

The TEP can't get to Haley so there's no assassination angle. My opponent concedes the game.

Victory to the Swans!

:: Evaluation ::

I'm not sure what Convergence can really do here. The TEPs are just so vulnerable and Time Bomb helps buy me time here while keeping threat ranges very much alive. The Axiom's pull feels trivial to defend against.

While Lucant's feat is hard to fight through, Haley's feat is just better here. It allows me to close the gap without fearing the TEP sprays and I think there's too much power in the list for the machines to handle. Ragman and Lanyssa are also problematic and Lucant doesn't really have an answer for them.

Overall a lot better execution this game than last time, which I'm very happy with.

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