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Iron Moot: Iron Gauntlet #1 (#266): Caine2 vs Skarre2

:: Prologue ::

Day 2 and time for the Iron Gauntlet Qualifiers! The format of this event was as follows: We were to play 4 initial rounds where everyone could play up to 3 lists. Following those 4 rounds the top 4 players would advance into 2 semi-finals (of which the two winners would play a final). However in the Gauntlet Rounds (that is the semi-finals and finals) you get to compose the list you want from all the models you've played thus far. As such it's a huge advantage to have played multiple lists as it grants you more options. I was packing Haley2 and Sloan (same lists as day 1) as well as Caine2.

For game 1 I drew Cryx. I noticed the absence of the Coven and the presence of Deneghra1 (I think?) so I decided to go with Caine2. Sloan is probably solid as well but I have experience with Caine and I know he has game. We were playing Incursion and this influenced the choice as well as Sloan going second here might lose too much space too quickly. I also wanted to save Haley for later games.

Dan, my opponent, dropped Skarre2 and we were ready to start a game which would be a nail-biter through to the very end!

:: Lists ::

Captain Allister Caine - WJ: +27
- Reinholdt, Gobber Speculator - PC: 4
- Stormwall - PC: 39 (Battlegroup Points Used: 27)
- Lightning Pod
Captain Arlan Strangewayes - PC: 4
Journeyman Warcaster - PC: 4
- Charger - PC: 9
Gobber Tinker - PC: 2
Ragman - PC: 4
Lanyssa Ryssyl, Nyss Sorceress - PC: 3
Rangers - Leader & 5 Grunts: 9
Storm Lances - Leader & 2 Grunts: 12
Storm Lances - Leader & 2 Grunts: 12
Skarre, Queen of the Broken Coast - WJ: +26
-    Kraken - PC: 36 (Battlegroup Points Used: 26)
-    Barathrum - PC: 15
-    Deathripper - PC: 6
Darragh Wrathe - PC: 9
Satyxis Raider Captain - PC: 4
Machine Wraith - PC: 2
Machine Wraith - PC: 2
Ragman - PC: 4
Satyxis Raider Captain - PC: 4
Satyxis Raiders - Leader & 9 Grunts: 16
-    Satyxis Raider Sea Witch - PC: 3

:: Pre-Battle Thoughts & Deployment ::

I lost the dice-off and had to go second. I chose the side which I hoped would make an advance for him on the central flag hard, enabling me to slow the game down and capitalize on Caine's superior attrition game. I also had a couple of spots which were perfect for Caine to hug as best as he could so I was happy.

:: Game ::

Cryx run up. Right flank is weak-ish but he knows I can't put pressure there without letting the Satyxis overrun the left flank so effectively he wins it without a serious contest. Smart play by Dan!

I lay down a trap on the left flank by putting a couple of Rangers in charge range. If he commits the Satyxis I can wipe them all out before scoring becomes an issue. On the right I sacrifice a unit of Lances to be able to at least contest him somewhat. The Stormwall and Charger take up central positions.

The Satyxis do commit on the left and I am satisfied! He plays cautiously in the center, not even contesting the flag as he fears the Stormwall under Hunter's Mark wrecking his models.

Sigh. I play the left flank near perfectly this turn (or close to at least!) but I mess up so badly in the middle. I play the Stormwall too defensively because I fear the Kraken charging while Skarre feats on both said Kraken and my Stormwall to effectively perform a semi-Haley2-colossal-vs-colossal move. The mistake is not backing off per se, this is legit, the mistake is not opening up for Lanyssa on the left flank of my Stormwall. More on this later. In any case the Lances on the left clear out a captain jamming them and contest the flag. I run the Tinker to score the middle flag and the Rangers have the left flag. 2-0.

Cryx counter and move to 2-2 as the Kraken kills the Ranger on the left flag.

Barathrum has Admonition but I don't think too much of this. The Stormwall is within 12" of the Kraken so I figure that with Hunter's Mark, focus from Arlan and Caine feating the game basically breaks right now. I haven't done the math and its +2 ARM is a thing for sure but this is a move which locks him out of scenario basically so even if he lives chances are I win anyway.

So I move Lanyssa up within 10" from the Kraken, Barathrum counter charges and she dies. Fuck me that is so stupid. I can blaim not knowing the matchup well enough but I read Barathrum's card before the game started because he was the only model I didn't know that well in his list. The fact of the matter is I simply forgot it, I fucked up and now I was in big trouble. A bit sad really as the Lances could've easily denied him this move.

I had a huge problem on my hands. I knew Skarre would feat in the ensuing turn so I had to kill her things and position myself so that I could stop her from winning on scenario. I killed Barathrum and shifted the 'wall right, intending for it to block scenario middle and right to never let him past 4 points. I rolled terribly against Barathrum with the 'wall so Caine had to help out, further limiting my power vs Kraken (I really wish I could've boosted a few shots into it but it was not to be). To add insult to injury the Lances on the left failed to kill his Satyxis solo in the woods. At least I scored a point and went to 3-2 and the Charger contested the middle to force him to commit to open up the scenario.

Kraken kills Charger, killshots the Ranger on the left flag and takes the middle flag. The Lance on the right is cleared as well. Skarre feats on herself, Kraken, Stormwall and Darragh (now on foot). 3-4.

A single point more and it's game over for me. The Stormwall tramples to contest both and kills Darragh I think with a boosted pod. Ragman moves up and casts Death Field. A Lance ensures the -2 ARM effect is on the Kraken. The Rangers again take a point for me on the left flag and I jam the Kraken as well as I can. Caine feats and takes it down to ~10 boxes or so. I contemplate throwing Arcane Shield on Caine with Junior but decide not to because I figure my opponent can easier kill an ARM19 Stormwall with Skarre and Kraken (who has started getting souls as well) than he has of killing a DEF21 Caine with the Kraken alone when he can't get into melee with me. 4-4.

Kraken moves up to kill Rangers and try for a lucky killshot on Caine. It fails and as he can't kill the Stormwall the game is effectively over, finally!

Victory to the Swans!

:: Evaluation ::

That was way too close for comfort. This game was super intense and after I got a huge start (obliterating his entire left flank and moving to 2-0) my Barathrum fuck-up meant that he was totally back in the game. By not moving the 'jacks base to base with the stone I could've had an opening for Lanyssa on the left side of the Stormwall in the first place, never allowing Barathrum to interfere at all. Even so I could've prevented it without too much trouble the way things were. Mistakes were made and luckily I got back from it.

I'm not sure Dan saw the opening but if he had managed to jam the Stormwall sufficiently to deny my placing it so as to contest both flags this may very well have been a loss. At the very least he might have forced Caine to commit himself to a precarious situation to clear out said Stormwall so I could prevent him from taking the 5th point.

In any case I thoroughly enjoyed the game and was happy and relieved to take home the win in the end! 

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  1. Thanks for another interesting battle report! Could you elaborate on the situation just after Skarres feat; is it too dicy to push the flag on the right hand side with the Stormwall (and Caine for clearing) to secure an instant 5-4 win?

    1. Interesting thought! I never even considered this to be honest. It might indeed be doable. The Stormwall might be too far away and possibly needed to get work done but Ragman can definitely run over there. It depends a lot on the distances though. Nice catch :)