torsdag 18. august 2016

Iron Moot 2016 - Pre-Tournament Thoughts

I promised a couple of people that I would write this post if I had the time. Turns out, I do have the time! As such, here are a couple of words on my thoughts prior to Iron Moot.

For those of you who don't know, Iron Moot is one of Scandinavia's biggest conventions. It might be the biggest, I'm not sure. You can read more about it here. I have never been before, last year at this time I had barely bought my first models and was learning the game. However my trip to Lund in April was awesome so my expectations for this event are very high.

Throughout the weekend I expect to play at least 2-3 tournaments, possibly more. It all depends on how I am doing, how tired I am etc. I have packed 4 casters and enough models to let me play around with various lists and concepts. The idea is to try and find answers to a number of the problems I feel Cygnar encounters. I won't go into too much detail now because I don't have the time and my thoughts aren't clear enough to put it down in writing. I just know that there's something that doesn't feel right now.

I do however have two smaller events (one win and a runner-up finish) and 98 games in Mk. 3 behind me going to Gothenburg. My play is better than it has ever been and I feel I have an edge with pre-measuring from my years playing Warhammer. I am confident in my lists in most situations and I have some ideas about how to play around their weaknesses. Especially the Haley2 list feels solid. Yesterday's game against Kaelyssa was just incredibly brutal for example.

In terms of the meta I expect a fair share of Cygnar (Caine2, Sloan, Haley2, Haley3), Legion (Vayl2, Absylonia2), Circle (Wurmwood), Khador (Vlad1, Butcher3), Retribution (Issyria, Kaelyssa, Ossyan, Rahn, Vyros2) and Trolls (Madrak2). With the exception of Trolls, these are all matchups I have quite a bit of experience against and I'm hoping this will help carry me. Trolls I hear are very strong in Mk. 3 but I'll have no option but to wing it when/if we get there. I believe Cygnar is still naturally strong against Trolls so I'm just banking on the inherent imbalance of the matchup, really.

I finished the last three models today (strictly speaking they are not 100% yet but good enough to field) and I am now beginning to get really psyched. A couple of people have asked me what my ambitions are but truly I have none other than delivering solid games throughout. I know there are lots of highly skilled players attending and I know I owe the dice gods from my last trip to Sweden so anything can happen.

No matter how I perform and no matter how the games turn out you can rest assured there will be reports galore! Stay tuned, and good luck to all fellow Swans attending Iron Moot!

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  1. Best of luck! I know there are lots and lots of good players attending so hopefully you'll have a blast!