onsdag 15. juni 2016

Battle Report #179: Sloan vs Thagrosh2

:: Prologue ::

Time for a rematch and I had learned a couple of valuable lessons. Let's see how the next game played out.

:: Lists ::

- Reinholdt
- Defender
- Defender
- Hunter
- Hunter
- Grenadier
- Firefly
Maxwell Finn
Trench Buster
Trench Buster
Trencher Infantry (min)
Thagrosh, the Messiah - WB: +25
-    Angelius - PC: 0
-    Angelius - PC: 9
-    Raek - PC: 8
-    Raek - PC: 8
-    Nephilim Protector - PC: 10
-    Seraph - PC: 14
Blighted Nyss Shepherd - PC: 1
The Forsaken - PC: 4
The Forsaken - PC: 4
Spell Martyr - PC: 1
Spell Martyr - PC: 1
Blighted Nyss Swordsmen - Leader & 9 Grunts: 15

 :: Pre-Battle Thoughts & Deployment ::

This time Legion went first and I took the same side. After seeing my opponent deploy fairly symmetrically I decided to go for what I wanted to try in game 1: Take the "open" side. The idea was that double busters would keep Sloan safe and with little-to-no terrain to keep him safe Thagrosh would have to head all-in on Sloan without much help.

:: Game ::

Legion takes up cover where possible. Infantry fan out.

I realize I've deployed Finn in a shitty position. I need him across the infantry. I have no idea how he ended up on the opposite flank. Regardless the idea is to flank further right with basically the entire list and create a crescent shape out of his threat range. I sent the Grenadier up with a couple of Trenchers to start working on the infantry and by myself at least a bit of board space. The right flank cleared out a couple more Swordsmen + Raek and a Spell Martyr.

Thagrosh goes for a hugely aggressive play: He casts Manifest Destiny, charges ahead on just a couple of fury and feats. His Angelii and remaining Raek all make it into melee jam.

My Busters were in no position to counter-charge effectively and without them I wasn't sure I could deal with both Angelii. I feared for Sloan so I decided instead to go for Thagrosh. The Defenders were largely unscathed so I could afford to tank free strikes. After Sloan and both Defenders had activated Thagrosh had spent all his tranfers and had 0 boxes left.

Victory to the Swans!

:: Evaluation ::

The piece of rough on my right flank really prevented me from deploying as I would've wanted to. I had an idea of sending both the Defenders and the Hunters together with Sloan on a flanking move. Their extreme range meant that I wanted a single point to project force from but I wasn't comfortable doing so going 2nd with the rough there. 

I think positioning is super important with Sloan regardless of list. There are no control shenanigans and the models are few and precious. Their interdependence is very hard to master I feel as I always seem to have the wrong setups when my turn begins. It is improving however and as my opponents get better at facing Sloan so too am I forced to evaluate how I approach the game with her and look for optimal patterns. In this particular matchup I should have looked towards positioning the Busters to counter-charge his jam into the shooters and Finn should definitely have been deployed on the right flank. If Thagrosh had not spent fury to cast Manifest Destiny I am not so sure I could've gone for assassination here and I don't know if I could've solved the problem otherwise. It would at least have been dicey. 

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