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2d6 Internal Affairs - Sending Off Mk. II

Today our club had a send-off tournament for Mk. II. It was a 3-man team tournament with a total of 6 participating teams. Many of us are already heavily into Mk. III and as such it as a bit of a weird assortment of an otherwise very active group: Many of us had hardly played a game in weeks. Due to Mk. 2 being phased out I will not provide full-fledged reports from today's tournament but I will provide a quick run-through of what went down and how we did.

Our team had Cygnar, Cryx and Circle. All teams had one list per player so we had to decide what to go for. We landed on Haley2, The Coven and Morvahna2. I played the same Haley2-variant I took to the last few tournaments.

:: Game 1 ::

The first round saw us pair up vs Convergence (Lucant), Legion (Vayl1) and Skorne (don't remember but double Sentinels). I ended up vs Convergence which I was very happy with: Sporting 0 huge bases I was confident Haley2 could choose when and where to strike.

I get first turn and immediate send off my army with the intention being to begin chopping down his heavies with Stormwall while Haley slowly starts to grab points.

Feat goes up and the game evolves according to my plan.

I'm easily ahead and the Stormwall isn't even damaged. From here on in it's safe play all the way.

The rest of the team performed admirably, with Cryx taking on Skorne and Circle beating Vayl1.

:: Game 2 ::

We face a team with Cephalyx (Exulon), Legion (Thagrosh1) and Retribution (Issyria). I get matched up vs Cephalyx which I think is good for me. Considering I faced a very similar list in my last tournament I felt I had an edge.

Disaster strikes! I try and TK the heavy wrecker on the right side of the central impassable so that the Stormwall can strike down 2 of these in one go. Haley fails, despite having a Squire re-roll. Yes, that's 1/144. Dice happen!

My team looks to be doing good so I go for a biggie: wiping out the right flank and move to 3-0. Alexia 1 toughs twice and I can't get the UA to the right of the Stormwall. While this model doesn't contest, it will allow an Ambushing unit to get one very, very dangerous Grunt which puts Haley in dire straits.

Luckily for me Exulon misses his TK (he'd spent his feat trying to get Thorn earlier). 8+ boosted is 1/6th to fail and as he cast Hex Blast first he had no more focus left for a second attempt. His turned ended as you can see on the image above however I easily cleared out the rest and took the game 5-0. The team again performed admirably with Cryx winning vs Retribution and Morvahna2 taking out Thagrosh1 in Destruction. 

:: Game 3 ::

For our last game we faced a trio containing Protectorate (Harbinger), Trollbloods (Calandra I believe) and Circle (Krueger2). Honestly either of these matchups are fine with me. Krueger2 probably requires the most precise play but in my experience Haley2 is up here as long as you have ATGM. Anyway I got Krueger2 and it looked like my final game of Mk. 2 would be a classic!

Playing Two Fronts and I go first. Excellent scenario for me I think and I love going first. The idea is to threaten a 3-0 T3 and as such I put Haley opposite his zone.

I force my opponent's hand by shifting right. I place a pod behind Thorn and make sure that Watts from the Black 13th cannot be pushed out of the zone. For Krueger2 to move to 3-0 he has to TK Thorn to feat him out (because Pod is immovable) and kill Watts. In the process I also kill the Rotterhorn in the trench: ATGM Thunderbolt it out (I am so going to miss this in Mk. 3) with Deadeye and score a crit KD so finishing it up is trivial. I also get a Druid.

Circle tries to get the Blackclad behind the wall to cast Hunter's Mark on Watts. It's funny because with Prowl he was stealthed anyway but regardless he was too far out. My opponent ends up finding 0 good ways out of his position and the game more or less ends here.

With me moving to 3-0 and Krueger2, Druids and the remaining Griffon all affected by Temporal Shift my opponent moves to score CP for tie breaker purposes and I move to 5 in his turn. 

A bit of a disappointing final game. I had hoped this would be a classic. In a way though it was: Haley's extreme board control forces Circle gradually away while a plethora of utility tricks such as Prowl, immobile Pod and the ultra-mobile Thorn allow me to keep him from taking the lead in the meantime. Our team yet again had a strong showing overall with Cryx's Coven beating Harbinger in Outflank and Morvahna winning vs Calandra in Incursion. We finished with a whopping 40 CP in total and were naturally very happy with our Mk. II send-off tournament results. 

Warmahordes is dead, long live Warmahordes! 

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