søndag 17. april 2016

YouTube videos from Swedish Masters

Hello everyone, the videos from the Swedish Masters are up now! Among the 5 games that were recorded, I played in 2 of them: The semi-finals against Ben's Lucant Convergence and the finals against Jeppa's Axis Convergence. 

This game starts in the middle of my second turn I believe and we are asking a judge whether the Effigy of Valor makes my Stormwall suffer -2 to hit on melee attack rolls against his Battle Engine, assuming of course that it crosses a line between our bases.

The written report from this game can be read here: click

The Finals are unfortunately with Norwegian/Swedish instead of English as the spoken languages. Our languages are so close that we can understand eachother and as such I only spoke English when I faced the Germans and Danes at Lund. My apologies for international viewers.

The written report from this game can be read here: click

I will also link these videos on the reports page. In the Invitationals at Lund I also played 2 games that were filmed and I'll post them up here as soon as they are posted on YouTube! In the meantime, make sure you check out the other great games from Lund at YouTube, their channel is here: link It includes a very exciting game between Haley3 and Deneghra3 in which Olov (the guy who beat me the Road to Invitationals finals with Haley1) plays Cygnar.

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