onsdag 6. april 2016

Blog Sponsors

Hello everyone, this is just an announcement to detail two sponsors I've got for this blog: GameCove.se and FrozenForge.com. GameCove is a web store for miniatures with some of the best prices I know of in Northern Europe. FrozenForge is in my opinion the best token manufacturer in the world. For those of you having read my reports you've seen them in play, everything from focus tokens to spell effects and aoe rings.

The guys running these stores are both good friends of mine. I trust them and appreciate their service and dedication. I would not be advertizing for them if this was not the case. If you haven't already, I highly recommend checking out both stores.

GameCove.se and FrozenForge.com will from now on be permanently featured on this blog in the sidebar to the right.

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