mandag 25. januar 2016

Some Updates

A couple of days ago I received a couple of pictures taken by the event organizer for Norwegian Masters. They show the crucial last turn in game 5 vs Retribution and my opponent's perspective in game 6 when I made my move T2 with Haley et al to secure 2 points in his turn. I've updated both reports as well, here are the pictures:

A couple of thoughts on what happens now: I'll be attending a tournament in Sweden in the end of March. That's 2 months away and I'm still not sure what I'll be bringing. For now I'm just enjoying various casters and builds I haven't had time for previously, mainly to expand my horizons. Truth be told I struggle to see that another pairing can be a better solution for me than what I took to NM but the only way to validate that is to actually get out there and play some games! 

Caine2 is pretty much written in stone at this point in time because I don't believe we have any other casters that can do what he does and fulfil his roles so well. That means that, ironically enough, Haley2 is on the chopping block. Her possible replacements include Kraye, Haley1, Haley3 and Stryker3. Kraye has already gotten a couple of games and I intend to test him out further. Unfortunately my impression thus far is that he wants to do too much and ends up being stretched. More playtesting is needed! Haley1 looks promising but also appears to be hard to play. A major upside with her is that both she and Caine2 are in ADR Season 3, meaning I get specialists. This is actually a must-have for her as I don't believe she can work otherwise. A major downside is the need to get the Galleon, a third colossal (and I know that I'll be getting the Hurricane once it comes out because it's basically tailor made to how I want to play Haley2). Haley3 and Stryker3 are still in the concept stages but to be honest I'm struggling to write lists with either of them that I believe in, bearing in mind that they're supposed to replace Haley2 and thus go up against anything from Protectorate to Legion and from Trolls to Skorne. 

All in all we'll see what I have time for. First up is a Cygnar Civil War on Wednesday where I'll be playing out Caine2 vs Haley3. I have Haley1 lined up for Cryx on Thursday and I'm hoping to get some games in during the weekend as well. If I do, chances are Kraye will take to the field again. Stay tuned for reports and musings! 

PS! I'm also working on an in-depth article on how a game of Warmahordes flows ;)

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  1. Just wanted to commend you on your awesome work with this blog. I am looking forward to hear of your battles in Sweden!

  2. Thank you, sir :) Looking forward to Battle at Lund, booked tickets for games & hotel tonight! If you (or anyone else for that matter) is interested, here is the official site for the event:

  3. I am situated in Stockholm so Lund is a bit far away but prepare for some skilled players down south!

  4. We're driving from Oslo ;) I don't know which is farthest away but I love a good road trip. I've been to Borås and Västerås previously for Swedish tournaments, although they were both Warhammer events. Looking forward to skilled players in Lund!