søndag 22. november 2015

Turn 4 vs Circle Revisited

As I've said before, I'm not a fan of assassination runs. There's nothing wrong with them per se, they're just so inherently dicey. That said, of course I'd go for runs that are virtually guaranteed to succeed. A thing I've tried to do recently is to actively look for openings where power attacks can create new angles and opportunities. Thinking about today's game, I couldn't help but feel that there was an opening, somewhere, somehow, that I missed. Hitting Krueger on 3 boosted 9s is way too risky (the alternative is gambling that you'll spike, still too dicey for me) given the state of the game, but there's an option that I missed which presented itself to me. Take a look at the following picture:

Ok, so the idea is to get a Thrall B2B with Krueger and power strike said Thrall. The order goes as follows:

  1. 3 focus on Stormwall, 1 on Thorn, 5 on Haley.
  2. Haley activates, moves towards the stone engaged to Stormwall. Makes sure to be outside of 14" of Krueger and within 12" of stone. Shoots stone. Cast TK on Thorn, reaction drive. That gives it 5" towards the stone. Cast Temporal on Stormwall. 
  3. With my own zone now cleared out, TAC activate. They move up and fire bomb the stone. 
  4. (Red line) Assuming stone survives, Thorn moves up and stabs it, using his 1 focus to boost damage. If the Stone is not dead at this point, Alexia needs to step up and use a Thrall to kill it off later. There's also Eiryss which can draw a bead to the stone. If it only has 1 box left she is a good candidate. If a Thrall has to finish off the stone then Eiryss needs to spend her activation killing the Thrall (unless Junior can reach it). 
  5. (Blue circle) ATGM and B13th try and provide Alexia with more souls by killing Druids. 
  6. (Green line) Alexia moves towards Krueger. Assuming I kill 2 Druids, I'm at 3 souls, thus ARM19. If Una uses Watcher to send a beast into her, said beast is at dice -8 for damage and I have 8 boxes left. Assuming I have 2 souls he still needs to roll a 15+ to kill me on 3d6. Now at this point in time, if the stone still isn't dead and I don't have 3 souls and Una hasn't used watcher, I have a problem: If I send one Thrall towards the stone then Una can use watcher to kill the Thrall going into Krueger and thus there won't be no power strike madness. 
  7. Summon Thralls. Charge Krueger with said Thralls. If Una didn't use watcher before, she will now. Hence the need for multiple souls so I can get that Thrall B2B. 
  8. (Black line) with all the setup done, Stormwall can waltz in and pretty reliably send Krueger (who was only camping 1 fury) off (the slam collateral at dice +2, attacks at dice +5). 
Now we can speculate whether this is a safer approach than what I ended up doing and whether this long chain of ifs and then-whats is indeed safer than just going straight at Krueger with 3 boosted attacks, but the point is to spot the opening and consider it. 

It's a little hard to gauge the distance based on the picture alone but something to watch out for here is whether the Rotterhorn can move to a position where it blocks off Krueger from the Stormwall with watcher. I doubt it's possible and ingame this can be calculated with Haley's control area I believe. 

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