mandag 23. november 2015

Menoth & Legion Tomorrow: Pre-Game Musings

I've managed to squeeze in a couple of games tomorrow, facing Menoth and Legion. I haven't played vs Menoth much at 50 points but I have quite a bit of experience against them on 35 points. I'm excited to see what tricks they can pull and how the matchup is with more tools on the table.

As for Legion, I've played Legion a lot and almost exclusively at 50 points. Mostly Lylyth2/Vayl2 and tomorrow is no different. While I'd like to try out Haley2 vs Lylyth2 tomorrow to see if a couple of things I've learned from watching the WMW finals can be reproduced, I really need to practice Stryker1 who hasn't received any love in a while, unfortunately.

Playing Stryker1 with double Stormwall is harder than you might think. Managing such a huge footprint with low SPD can be a nightmare depending on how tight you need to keep your formations.

While I don't know list specifics I'm excited to play both Menoth and Legion again. Lately it's been a lot of Circle and a fair bit of Cryx. I thoroughly enjoy playing both those matchups but it's time for some variation and facing these old, familiar adversaries will be a welcome change of pace.

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