tirsdag 17. november 2015

A Couple of Corrections

I'd like to point out a couple of corrections: First of all, I noticed in a discussion today that in the Warmachine Weekend finals, Brian indeed had 2 shots with Lylyth2 against Haley2. With 4 focus remaining and having to buy the second attack that basically means his odds of winning are no-where near the "astronomical" 2% it will likely be remembered as. I will put a disclaimer and explanation of what Jordan could've done in this scenario in the "Don't Risk It!" post.

Secondly I played in a tournament this weekend, Challenge, which I've written about here. The rules pack for Challenge stated both lists had to be played (for those bringing 2 lists, bringing a single list was also allowed) and I did not do that. I forgot this until the last game and when I was made aware of it I talked to the main organizer. To make a long story short I was under the impression that I was givan an ok signal to play the same list yet again. This generated negative feedback and opinions so we decided to disqualify me from the tournament (as I was organizing Challenge as well this was the best choice, we felt). The games were great regardless and there'll be plenty more tournaments later on. My intention was not to cheat my way to victory but I can understand why people feel this way and I sincerely apologize for the situation. 

I will edit the last battle report to reflect this matter as I'm sure this post will be forgotten and invisible sooner or later. 

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